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Simplified AI Review: Is it the best AI Copywriting Tool?

Simplified AI Review: Is it the best AI Copywriting Tool?

With AI copywriting tool Simplified AI, you can make your marketing copy as effective as it can be. You can use the platform to manage a variety of content types including social media posts, blog posts, product descriptions, and email messages. And you can add images and videos to enhance your brand’s credibility.

This is Simplified.co, Simplified.app (Free Forever) or Shortly AI ($780/yr) it’s a graphic design tool similar to Canva.

Let’s get started, so after you log into simplified you are greeted with this dashboard on the top right you can add members to your workspace you can view your account information and you can decide on what you want to do so and much more…

And you can start using their AI content writing feature it looks like they have video templates that are ‘New’ and they also have their Content Calendar that’s Beta as well. Some template collections that you can explore and they also have tutorials on youtube that you can check out:

Simplified AI

Let’s dive in and explore using Simplified AI to create really powerful marketing copy, get some feature comparisons with competitors, help you choose which tool best represents your bottom line needs… then we’re talking about it again!

What’s Simplified AI?

Simplified AI is the world’s first fully programmable, ultra-responsive web platform that provides us with all the tools and solutions we need to craft truly effective marketing/copywriting documents. It not only enables you to design your own interactive tool for a greater sense of personal accomplishment but simplifies repetitive templates into something much more powerful – like having multiple copywriters working on one project at once!

Simplified AI is at the cutting-edge of new tech with features like…

  1. Instantly Resizeable HTML Template Design – No matter the length, column width, or type size of your text and images (including videos), it is automatically resized to suit. It reacts in real-time so you don’t lose content trying to fit things too tight!
  2. Built-in Video Editor makes creating highly detailed presentations a breeze… Your new powerful piece looks exactly the way YOU want it to and makes you look like an expert!
  3. Run your script or paragraph by text test before using it within a marketing campaign. This eliminates any confusion over spelling, grammatical mistakes, etc… and allows for a much faster time to market.

Features & Pricing:

Simplified AI

    1. So, this is the templates section so you can search any formats or templates you want you can select the dimensions so if you click on post and stories you can select the dimensions for that online ads covers and headers and you have basically every dimension that you need…
    2. And they organize the templates by platform:
      1. Post & Stories
      2. Covers & Headers
      3. Online ads
      4. Videos
      5. eCommerce
      6. And Customize the size for what’s required
    3. Let’s just design something so let’s just click let’s just say we want to create
      an Instagram ad and let’s just do something simple like this click on ‘Online ads’ and there’s a lot of design features is like so you can click anything to change it so if want to create a custom ads click on it however you want to anything else and you can increase the size as wellSimplified AI

      Simplified AI

    4. And the next thing is ‘Videos’ huh it’s pretty good to create such video ads that might be something interested to deploy or drag to increase the size as well I’m going to do with Instagram Video Story so click on this and customize everything you want, change the background animate and you can even change the layer name you know the appearance of the text position of it you can flip it you can align it you can send it backward or forwards the fonts and gradients after that you can select multiple elements and things like that…Simplified AISo let’s just say I’m done; after you customize all of the necessary elements you can just click on export it as a PNG, JPG, or Video and Gif rest of the format is coming soon!Simplified AI
    5. And now the ‘AI Assistant’ there are 3 formats whatever you like to needSimplified AI
      1. Long-form writer – Take your writing to next level, write blogs long articles detailed descriptions, and much more…
      2. Short-form assistant – Generate social media captions, YouTube titles and descriptions, ads, quotes, and related to preferences.
      3. AI designer – Generate Instagram posts and quotes in seconds.

So this is the AI Assistant and there are 20-30 plus different templates that you can choose from there’s eCommerce so Amazon Product Listing, Content rewriter, One line description you could do Hashtags Generator, Photo captions, Facebook ad headlines, Google Ads, LinkedIn ads or Blogging-Blog ideas+titles, Before-After-Bridge or lastly AIDA Framework.

Simplified AI

Simplified AI

To know more:

  • In the AIDA Framework simply generate product description and company bio
  • AI designer video for youtube and also SEO, so I want to show you the social media quotes the AI
    designer, so you can actually use AI to create the text and then also generate the image so tell us
    about topic or theme of quote affiliate marketing tips for youtube…
  • Let’s just say that make money online or I want that to be a different keyword and then you click on generate and see the three different results and you could generate more results
    if you don’t like these social media quotes and then you can you know change them if you want to
  • And blog ideas and titles so this one is my favorite I basically use:
    1. Affiliate marketing
    2. Tips for youtube is the topic that I want for blog ideas so you click on generate and they gave me five results so best title how to make money with affiliate marketing on youtube,
    3. Ten proven ways to make money with youtube videos
    4. 12 tips to becoming a successful affiliate marketer on youtube so these are not too bad actually I kind of like them right so you can click and you can edit it and then save it you can even generate more and it’ll continue to generate
    5. As you see right hashtags generator I really like this one because I’m always trying to figure out what hashtags to use for Instagram so you just tell the AI about your social media post and then it’ll generate hashtags so make money online, how to earn money fast, make passive income online now…
  • And lastly a Brandkit so Brandkit is pretty straightforward so you just name your Brandkit
    you add your logo your fonts and then your color palette or also you can add multiple Brandkits
  • And then library so there are four sections to maintain your different folders so you can create folders for your different clients or for your different projects, for example, you created a logo or a specific design within one of the templates you can save that as a component and then you can upload that component across all of
    the future designs you create so you could view your My Workspace, Billing, Earn Rewards by Write a Review on G2 Crowd, join the Facebook Community, Follow us on Twitter, and lastly Connected Apps you can connect I haven’t tried this but you could connect it to Shopify, Google Sheets, and also Google Drive might be helpful right so upload different things to your google drive…Simplified AI

So lastly, AI copywriting tool is a one-stop shop for content marketing needs.

With a huge library of stock templates, the tool helps in creating an engaging copy in less time. And I found some really good resources actually they have over a hundred resources on their blog so for the bonus, what I decided to do is, what I decided to offer you guys just considering there are the things you’d love to read about Simplified.app AI and learn to actually use a tool better to become a better copywriter, a better marketer, or a better designer with a tool.

Suggest Read:

  • How to use creating a brand identity, click here.
  • How to use their Instagram caption generator, click here.
  • How to use pastel colors, click here.
  • How to create company bio’s and how to create graphic designs for non-profits so on
  • And so forth how to use an AI sentence expander for essay writing by clicking here, so they’re the top 10 resources from their blog in this free checklist that I will give to you.

Is it the best AI Copywriting Tool?

– Yes, it is.
– It’s the best AI copywriting tool because it has a lot of features that make it easy to use.
– It has a lot of templates and examples for you to use.

Wrapping Up

Simplified.app AI is a new resource to customize your brand, first is the Image Designer and the second is AI Copywriting system which is the AI assistant. Let me know what you guys think about this deal. if it’s a good Canva competitor or not.

Well, I must thank you for reading our Simplified AI review, if you like this article please share it with your friends or comment below!

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