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Cuelinks Review – Is it the best affiliate marketing program?

What is Cuelinks?

Cuelinks is an affiliate marketing program that works with some of the biggest, most popular brands online. Featuring companies like Apple, Reebok, Wal-Mart, and more.


Cuelinks claims to offer the most money per click at $0.02 with many of their offers.

Also, Cuelinks does not work with just affiliate marketers and bloggers like most networks do. They offer an option for any website to join the network and make money at no cost. However, this means you can’t set up any offers or control what is advertised on your site. Cuelinks does all this for you.

What can I do with Cuelinks?

Based on their article ” What Can I Do With Cuelinks? “, here’s a list of the various things you can do with Cuelinks:

  • You can download their Booking Assistant app to automatically find hotel deals. Then when a user books through your site, you earn the commission!
  • You can create a Cuelinks store to feature your favorite products.
  • You can get paid to watch movies or play games online. This is a great way to kill time while clicking on your favorite brands.
  • You can use the Cuelinks shopping assistant that pops up ads based on what you’re already looking at on a website.
  • Put a Cuelinks shopping assistant on your site to boost your earnings using the links/ads from Cuelinks.
  • You can sign up to be a Cuelinks influencer and get paid for sharing your most recent purchase with your audience.

Is Cuelinks easy to apply for?

Cuelinks is incredibly easy to join! You can sign up in less than 5 minutes by creating an account on their website.

Is Cuelinks reliable for a blog?

Recently I have been working on a blog where I write reviews about different products. Also, I would like to monetize the blog through advertisements and affiliate marketing. I was thinking about trying Cuelinks but it looks like they might not be the best affiliate marketing program.

If you want to learn more about Cuelinks and affiliate programs in general I highly recommend you sign-up and try it for free. If you do, make sure you use my affiliate link here.

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Is Cuelinks the best affiliate marketing program?

To answer this question we need to look at the aspects that make up an affiliate marketing program and see if they’re better than other popular programs like Viglink and Skimlinks.

The biggest strength of Cuelinks is how easy it is to use for both publishers and advertisers.

Publishers sign up for Cuelinks and they automatically make money from any users who visit their website.

Advertisers only need to work with Cuelinks, as the Cuelinks, and add their website through a simple form. They can then add the Cuelinks widget to their site and every time someone buys something on an advertiser’s site, they get paid.

Advertisers on the other hand don’t have to go looking for web publishers, instead, publishers come to them and get paid to add their widgets.

Cuelinks is also unique in that they share the revenue with the publishers, allowing them to make more than if they were using a traditional affiliate network.

This makes Cuelinks the best affiliate marketing program for bloggers and other people who own websites.

Can I use Cuelinks, Payoom, and Admitad together on the coupon website?

Yes, you can use Cuelinks, Admitad, and Payoom together on the same web property. No manual configuration is required to make this work – simply follow the instructions in the article How do I enable 3rd-party integrations? Please note that both your account managers will need to be involved to make this happen.

3rd-party integrations are available with Cuelinks. You can also check out Viglink and Skimlinks, which are both very similar companies.

Before you insert Cuelinks/Cuewidgets for deals & coupons into your web page, you must have an affiliate disclosure page set up on your website.

After you’ve added the code to your page it will take approximately 12 hours before Cuelinks can track any sales.

Cuelinks is an affiliate marketing program that works in much the same way as Viglink and Skimlinks. It was founded in 2012 by two partners who believed there had to be a better way to monetize online content.

Today, Cuelinks helps publishers throughout North America become more profitable with their digital editions. We monetize the content publishers are already creating while providing custom solutions for magazines, universities, media companies, and other digital publishers.

Cuelinks has paid out over $150 million to our publisher partners since its inception in 2012.

How do I add Cuelinks JavaScript to my Wix blog?

First, you need to sign up for a Cuelinks merchant account that is associated with your blog domain. This only takes a few minutes and there’s no cost involved either! After signing up, go back to your edit HTML screen from the Wix dashboard. Paste the Cues widget code into the HTML editor box.

Finally, click on “Insert” in the HTML editor to save your changes to the blog post.

Wrapping Up

Is Cuelinks the best affiliate marketing program? That depends on what you’re looking for. If you want an easy-to-use affiliate marketing program for your website or blog, then Cuelinks is clearly the best affiliate marketing program. If you want to make more money by having your own affiliate network, then Viglink and Skimlinks are both good choices. If you want to make money through CPA marketing, check out LeadDyno and ClickBank. Personally, I recommend CJ for web publishers, but you should always try out all the different programs and see which one is the best affiliate marketing program for you.

Affiliate marketing is a business strategy where you promote products and earn a commission from every product sold. You earn this commission by adding code to your website or blog that links back to the advertiser’s web page.

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I hope this article has helped you learn a little more about Cuelinks and affiliate marketing in general. Thanks for reading!

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